Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Worried about canine parvo?

Worried About Canine Parvo ?  As a Breeder you should be............

7 Canine Parvo Myths and Facts that will help you avoid Canine Parvo Outbreaks:


  "Prevention is worth a pound of cure ! "

MYTH: "Vaccinating puppies with 5-way vaccines will protect them from Parvo"

FACT: 5-way vaccine do not work in the presence of a puppies maternal antibody. Maternal Antibody confliction is what makes five way fail to provide protection. To provide protection you must use single antigen high titer vaccines when addressing the immune system. In using high titer single antigen vaccine you accomplish maternal antibody override and start the immediate production of protective antibody builds. This must be accomplished to produce protection within young puppies.

MYTH: "All vaccines are created equal and there is not difference"

FACT: All Combination vaccines are pretty much create equal. Meaning they fail in providing protection to puppies under twelve weeks of age. Again you must use high titer vaccines to induce protection and drive antibody production in a puppies immune system.  To prove how weak your average combination vaccine in today's market please watch our vaccine challenge test.  The Canine Vaccine Tests
Our Choice for High Titer Single Antigen Canine Vaccine is NeoPar (Parvo Only) and NeoVac DA2 (Distemper and AdenoVirus) Vaccines.  

MYTH: "If I vaccinate a puppy it will infect other puppies or adults with that virus"

FACT: All vaccines must go through what the government calls back passage test. In short this is simply a series of test that are performed with the puppy and the vaccine to make sure that the vaccine can not shed in the feces and then produce a passing of those virus to un-vaccinated or protected dogs. This has to be proven by all manufactures to the government before the vaccine can be deemed available for use in canines. 

MYTH: "Waiting later in life to vaccinate a puppy is better than vaccinating him early"

FACT: This is simply not necessary as we have the vaccines today to protect puppies by the age of eight weeks. This of course is critical for dog breeders and rescues as breeders produce puppies to be sold by eight to twelve weeks of age and rescue organizations are so susceptible to Canine Parvo within their own facilities. With dog breeders we can provide complete protection to puppies by eight weeks of age. For Rescue and SPCA organizations we can provide immediate protection for puppies and adults no mater the age.

As always prevention is the key to healthy animal success. By giving puppies a clear and healthy path to development and un-vaccinated dogs the ability to get a new lease on life. We here at A to Z Vet Supply specialize in science based prevention plans. If you are interested in a free prevention plan that has been product tested and health approved. Please send your name address and phone number to the email below. Please state whether you a dog breeder or rescue organization as we have developed different plans for each of you.

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