Friday, January 22, 2016

The Strangest Pets to Own – Think Twice…

Have you ever looked at your pet doing something weird and thought to yourself that you must have the strangest creature in the world as a pet? Well, fear not, in the spirit of having some fun, we’re here to prove that you probably don’t have the strangest pet in the world. As to who does, well…we’ll let you make your own conclusions.

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Yes, a capybara. You can start by trying to figure out how to pronounce that, but a capybara is, in essence, a gigantic guinea pig. And we mean gigantic. As in if there was a city of guinea pigs and this guy showed up, they’d name him Godzilla. The biggest rodents in the world, adult capybaras can be as tall as 4 feet and they can weigh up to a hundred pounds. So if you’re in the market for a hundred-pound guinea pig, google capybara. And yes, people do have capybaras as pets, although that is admittedly very rare.

Sugar Glider
Even though a sugar glider sounds like a ride at a Hershey team park, it’s actually an animal that’s a part of the possum family and native to Australia. So what makes this pet weird? Well, let’s start with how it looks. It is probably the most wide-eyed creature in the world, perpetually looking like it has indulged in a lot of something inappropriate. In addition, it has very sharp teeth and claws, and it’s only active during night-time. So it is pretty much everything that one looks for in a pet: dangerous and unavailable.

Globe fish
And last, but most certainly not least, we have the globefish.  It’s known as the most poisonous fish in the world, the one that can puff itself into a globe-shaped form and, depending on the specific species, sting you with its lethally poisonous spikes. Fun, right? Well, among aquarium lovers in certain parts of the world this is a relatively popular pet – maybe some people just enjoy living on the edge. Speaking of which, some species of globefish are also famous as a Japanese delicacy. They’re carefully prepared by expert chefs who know which parts of the fish are safe to eat, so please don’t get a globefish and try cook it in butter. Also, even the professionals get it wrong sometimes, and deaths from globe fish dinner poisonings aren’t uncommon.

So there you have it, people are strange but some pets are even stranger. As one of the leading veterinary supply stores, while we can’t promise you we stock sugar glider cages or capybara grooming supplies, we do stock pretty much everything else that you could need as a pet-owner….come visit us and see for yourself!

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