Thursday, October 15, 2015

Choosing the Right Collar and Leash

Choosing the right collar and leash for your pet can entail a surprisingly large number of concerns, from the breed, size and behavior of your dog to whether it’s a puppy or not. As one of the leading online providers of pet vet supplies, we recommend doing some background research on the specific breed, age and behavior of your pet. To get you started, though, we want to give you some introductory information on what kinds of collars and leashes are usually recommended for different types of dogs and situations.

Regular (flat) collar and leash


The simplest solution out there is a regular leash and collar. A regular collar means a collar that’s not a prong, choke, training or other kind of a ”modified” collar. It has some downsides to it, like the fact that a dog that pulls on it is in danger of injuries, and a dog with behavioral problems will escape the leash more easily. That’s why regular collars and leashes are usually recommended for adults with little to no obedience problems and easy-going personalities. An example of a regular collar is the Leather Town Collar.

Slip collar/leash

Slip collar/leash can have both the collar and leash in the same package, as the leash is often wrapped around the dog’s neck to form a light version of a choking collar. It’s often recommended for dogs that have minor behavioral issues like getting distracted by other animals, traffic and similar things during walks. It’s a type of a collar that requires the dog walker to keep the animal’s safety in mind, so we urge everyone considering it to search for more information on its usage or to consult a professional.


To avoid any damage that even a regular collar – let alone a choking collar – can cause the dog, a harness can be a great option. There are different kinds of harnesses (ones that connect to the dogs back, chest or both) and the choice depends on whether your dog pulls on the leash: the harness where the leash clips on at the back is great for dogs that don’t pull a lot while chest-led harnesses are recommended for dogs that do have a tendency to pull on their leash. One example of the various kinds of harnesses we stock is the Red Dingo Bucklebone Harness.

Retractable Leashes

There are various pros as well as cons to retractable leashes but, generally speaking, they can be great when used the right way and in the right environment. For example, they are good for when you are at the park and want to give your dog the opportunity to run but can’t let him out of his leash. It should be noted, though, that you need to be careful about using a choke collar with a retractable leash, as it will counter the effects of the leash as well as provide additional risks of injury. Most experts also advise not using retractable lashes on roads, in traffic or near any kinds of hazards, as there is a definite possibility of the dog getting out of control and putting itself in danger. We offer options on retractable leashes, among them the Flexi Classic Cord Leashes

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